• concrete-mixer-350l


    Get the best price and quality of the Concrete mixer, a machine that has entirely changed the traditional way of mixing concrete. It is preferred over hand mixing, as it provides an easy and quick mixing of sand or gravel and water needed to produce concrete.

  • Control Rollers

    Road rollers are used in municipal, highway pavement maintenance operations,

    also apply to groove, pipe trench backfill compaction in the construction engineering,

    building construction and square homework, rolling lawns, etc.

  • Cordless Earth Auger


    With zero emissions, lower noise, and considerably less maintenance, the 36V (18V X2) LXT® Brushless Earth Auger is a welcome solution for landscapers.

    The earth auger provides high-performance digging with even and consistent holes. It is ideal for post-hole digging, fence installation, large planting jobs, soil sampling, and construction projects.

    Other features include built-in L.E.D. light illuminates the work area, Automatic Speed Change to adjust drill speed and torque during drilling, and a torque limiter, which is a built-in clutch that reduces gear damage by disengaging gears if the bit binds.

  • Cordless hammer SDS-Plus Makita XGT 40V HR003GZ01

    • Reliable cordless combination hammer for SDS-Plus tools
      Li-ion XGT 40V technology enabling extreme machine load and long endurance on a single battery charge
    • Powerful carbonless engine
    • AVT anti-vibration technology guarantees very low machine vibrations
    • Dust-free operation – reliable extraction thanks to DX12 adapter (not included)
    • Limit the number of knocks at idle for precise work with a minimum of vibration
    • EPTA single impact force 2.8 J
    • Electronic speed control
    • LED desktop lighting
  • Demolition Hammer

    • POWER : 14 AMP motor to tackle demanding jobs.
    • COMFORT : Makita’s exclusive AVT® counterbalance system reduces vibration.
    • DURABILITY : Automatic brush cut-out system for longer tool life.
    • PERFORMANCE : Electronic variable speed adjusting dial for controlled operation
    • INCLUDES : Side handle, bull point, bit grease and tool case with wheels
  • Forward Compactor

    The rotating of a single eccentric rotor just produce compaction (centrifugal) force and the resultant force makes the machine run forward.
    Light and manoeuvrability. Very suitable for every surfacing work.

  • HR002G XGT Brushless 28mm Rotary Hammer


    HR002G XGT Brushless 28mm Rotary Hammer – Use this rotary hammer drill to carry out all the toughest drilling and chiselling jobs in concrete

    Excellent drilling performance, Extremely compact & lightweight.


    – Concrete 28mm
    – Wood 13mm
    – Diamond bit 65mm


    * Constant Speed Control makes the drill easier to use.
    * Powerful LED work light improves productivity.
    * Constant Speed Control makes the drill easier to use.
    * Brushless motor requires low maintenance.
    * Can operate in rotation stop mode for chiselling.
    * Anti-vibration technology for better user comfort.
    * Pressure sensitive trigger switch for variable speed.
    * Quick change chuck.
    * Auto-start Wireless System (AWS) connects to vacuum cleaner with Bluetooth
    * Active Feedback Sensing Technology turns off the motor if the rotation speed suddenly slows down

  • Plate Compactor

    High Quality Compactors at a Competitive Price.

    Our Plate Compactors are recognized as the industry standard for compacting granular soils and asphalt , convenient for compacting on small construction sites and confined areas.

  • Power rammer

    manually operated compacting machine, weighing about 200 lb (91 kg), raised by an intrinsic internal combustion mechanism and allowed to fall by gravity.

  • Ram jumping jack Compactor (DAME SAUTEUSE)

    Ram jumping jack Compactor (DAME SAUTEUSE) is the ideal groundwork for construction projects that need a hard and flat surface.

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