SOFARU HARDWARE is one of the top hardware shops in Kigali with 30 years of experience in construction, electrical, and Plumbing Materials & Wall Master.

Established by a Rwandan businessman and entrepreneur Edouard Ruterana, who doubles as its Managing Director, SOFARU started as a small hardware shop in 1991 but it has since grown to become one of the largest hardware stores in Kigali, serving the entire country.

With its main retail shop located at Muhima, Nyarugenge District, in Kigali City, SOFARU is known across the country for quality construction, electric cables, tiles, water equipment, and high-quality finishing colours for both residential and commercial buildings. 

In Kenya, it has a partnership with Rhino Special Products Ltd, a factory which manufactures interior and exterior finishing products. These colors are known by their brand name “WallMaster”. These are high quality colors used on the interior and external walls of buildings to give a brilliant look.

Sofaru Hardware is Authorised distributor

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