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Fire Estinguisher For sale &
We refill
Co2: 3-50kg Shop Now Powder : 0.5 - 50 kg
All kinds of lights Professional &
Home use lights
Street lights. Indoor lights . Outdoor lights Shop Now Order large quantity and get a better offer
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& Generators
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Circuit breakers . switches . distribution boxes and many more Shop Now & power equipment
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Tiles . Bathroom tools . Pvc & garvanised pipes ec.. Shop Now & DIY tools

SOFARU HARDWARE has become one of the top hardware shops in Kigali with 30 years of experience in construction, electrical, and Plumbing Materials & Wall Master.

Other Services

Fire Extinguisher Refill

Existing water, foam and powder extinguishers can potentially be refilled,not replaced.


We offer land transport service and tailor-made distribution services across the entire African region.

Service Center for all Makita machines

We provide repair services or provide maintenance for all Makita products in Rwanda.

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